All treatments can be booked via email or phone - 01206 738378  (please leave a message) - payments can be made via card or BACS and 24 hours notice is required to cancel or 50% of the fee may be charged for non attendance. 

The LIFE Bio-Feedback System is a highly intelligent computerised system that works via a head harness system. You wear the head harness and the computer scans your body for a few minutes.  After this initial scan the system reports the areas that have been highlighted to attend to. The Life Bio-Resonance Feedback System is an intelligent computerised system that measures your response to over 7,000 individual items. It then highlights the areas most requiring attention and works on these.  

A session could highlight areas that require some extra support such as nutritional support, emotional support and it can even takes an Aura reading, as well as looking at various body system programmes.  Advice is given during the session and also the system boosts your energy while working with you.  A session is relaxing and easy.  You sit comfortably and can talk throughout the session, or just rest.  A session usually last up to 90 minutes, but may take longer.    

The system was invented in the USA by Chris Kaiser, and designed and built in Germany. You wear a headband and harness system and sit, relaxing while the system does it job. It tests and works with any issues detected and is very relaxing, informative and therapeutic.


The system can highlight areas that can be improved or helped and advice and guidance will be offered to supporting you change your lifestyle or take a supportive supplement.  


A treatment costs £80 per session.


Can't see me in person? We can have a Zoom or Skype session instead. Its known as a distance session and is totally confidential and saves you a long car journey.  It also means we can cover similar issues as a normal session, but you could be anywhere in the world and still benefit.  

An Online Session is very similar to a normal treatment session, apart from we are facing each other through a computer. So if you can't see me in person then this may be the answer.


I have been running distance session since the 1990's, and with Zoom or Skype its even more personal as we can talk in real time. By having a Skype session or a distance session, as its been known, means that you can still have a treatment session, be helped, be given helpful supportive advice, make changes, make plans - just as if you were here in my treatment room.  Its totally confidential and saves you travelling or making a long distance journey. 


We can cover similar issues as a normal session, but you could be anywhere in the world and still benefit.  You complete a Consultation Form as normal and we carry out a a treatment session face to face online.  As well as the session you will be emailed a summary plus any advice and guidance. 


A session can be arranged to fit in with your timetable. Its advisable to be alone when we carry out a session so you won't be disturbed or overheard. 

 A one to one session costs £75 

APPOINTMENTS are booked by prior arrangement.  Please Email to enquire.

Confidentiality - your session is private and your information is not shared with a third person unless requested by yourself. 

Based in Layer de la Haye, Colchester, Essex.  

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