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LIFE Bio-Resonance Feedback System


The LIFE Bio-Feedback System is a highly intelligent computerised system that works via a head harness system. The system scans your body then after this initial scan the system reports the areas that have been highlighted to attend too. The Life Bio-Resonance Feedback System measures your response to over 7,000 individual items. It then highlights the areas most requiring attention and works on these.  It was invented in the USA by Chris Kaiser, and designed and built in Germany as a medical device, and is used around the world by qualified professionals and medically trained people. You wear a headband and harness system and sit, relaxing while the system does it job. It tests and works with any issues detected and is very relaxing, informative and therapeutic. The system can highlight areas that can be improved or helped and advice and guidance will be offered to supporting you change your lifestyle or take a supportive supplement. 


A session could highlight areas that require some extra support such as nutritional support, emotional support and it can even takes an energy reading, as well as looking at various body system programmes.  Advice is given during the session and also the system boosts your energy while working with you.  A session is relaxing and easy.  You sit comfortably and can talk throughout the session, or just rest.  A session usually last between 90 minutes to two hours.  Clients are usually in awe of how much work we cover during a session. 

Energy Field Image
Indigo Energy Field

The image shows the energy system of a person. Each person’s energy is different. The colour in the box to the right is the colour the person requires to help them at the current time. For this client the white is indicating this person requires more peace in their life. In addition, the orange colour can bring energy and also healing for grief.  The main colour of pink show a person who is very loving and is naturally an empath. The white around the edge of the main body show the person is quite spirituality motivated. The blue energy field is someone who is experiencing a lot of dreams, looking at changing career and really wants to strive ahead and grasp their future in both hands.


A treatment costs £95.00 per session.


To book please contact us on 01206 738378 or email us


Please note that I have a cancellation policy requiring 24 hours notice, otherwise there will be 50% charge for missed appointments. 


Rick Vonk Nutition 31.3.17.jpg

There are many programmes on the LIFE System.  The Nutrition Profile helps review your current levels and helps determine what adjustments to diet could benefit. 

Your own supplements and items can be tested here as well making it very useful to know what is helping and what is not doing what you hope it should. The system looks at everything from the bones and structure to our chemical makeup, hormones, digestion and much more. It treats as it works helping to bring more balance and harmony into your life. 


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