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A one to one session costs between £50 (for one hour) to £95 (for two hours).  The session is paid in advance.  All treatments can be booked via email and payments can be made via card or BACS.  24 hours notice is required to cancel or 50% of the fee may be charged for non attendance.  


To Book - email me at


Treatment sessions over distance work very well, is confidential and saves you a long car journey.  It also means we can cover similar issues as a normal in house session, but you could be anywhere in the world and still benefit.  I have 30 years of experience and knowledge of working with many people covering many topics and issues, 

How can I help? We can look at so many different topics and work out a plan of action or what you could do to progress in a different direction or what it is you can do to change your mind, habits or lifestyle.  These include: 

  • Your health concerns

  • Your emotional wellbeing

  • Grief, sadness, disappointment, regret

  • Choices - what is your next step, how to let go of the baggage and move on. Cutting the ties that bind us, healing of issues, chakra and auric work. 

The benefits to you include are:

  • A one to one individual and personal session​

  • Saves travel time and fuel costs

  • Works very similar to a normal treatment session

  • Receive advice and guidance regarding relevant supports

I have been running distance session since the 1990's, and with Zoom it’s even more personal, as we can talk in real time. It means that you can still have a treatment session, be supported, listened too, be given helpful supportive advice, make changes, make plans - just as if you were here in my treatment room and it’s totally confidential.

We cover issues as a normal session, you complete a consultation form as normal and we carry out a treatment session face to face but online.  As well as the session you will be emailed a summary and any advice and guidance to support your session. 

A session can be arranged to fit in with your timetable. It’s advisable to be alone when we carry out a session, so you won't be disturbed or overheard. 

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