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Progressive Kinesiology (ProgK) is a non-invasive therapy method using muscle feedback (MTR) Muscle Testing Response (you can read a Research Paper about this HERE), TFH (Touch for Health), plus body awareness, which may help to reduce stress and pain, improve performance at work, school and home, in sports, in relationships, and promote health and emotional and physical well-being.


It was developed from a combination of Chiropractic, Chinese Medicine and Naturopathy.  It works naturally to help reset things like our internal body clock, which can go out of sync though travel, shift work, stress, insomnia, worry etc.  I look at the connection between the Mind and the Body, as they need to work in harmony for us to achieve our goals and be the best we can be. 


Stress can cause all manner of symptoms which can affect our health and wellbeing. ProgK is really useful at helping to improve the symptoms of stress and encourage calmness and a sense of self back into our busy lives. Its very much about making connections, putting the missing pieces back into the puzzle and helping you discover what may be causing issues in your life and finding ways to help you feel happier, better about yourself, more in charge, more assertive and more like the real you.  Emotions can wreck havoc with our lives. Its almost impossible to be unaffected by our past or react to something that hurts or upsets us. So by working with our emotions using emotional kinesiology techniques can help release, remove or alter our response to these emotions so we can live in the current time feeling lighter, happier and freer.

I use the Five Elements as the base for a treatment. These relate to the meridian system of the body, each meridian links to an element and in turn to a emotion. Each meridian has a time of day, a season, a food, and a body part linked to it - the Blue is the Water Element and is related to the kidneys and bladder meridian, salt, winter time and the bones. So an example could be that in winter too much salt could cause the body to become dehydrated and you could then experience pains or issues with your bones. The emotion is fear or anxiety, and people may experience bladder problems when feeling anxious. Emotional Kinesiology techniques are wonderful ways to reduce the past stresses that affect your current life and weigh you down. 


We use purely natural methods to improve and increase your well-being and then use feedback from your body to determine what techniques will help to bring your body back into balance by understanding the language of the body and what our body is trying to tell us. Our bodies are amazing, they have an innate ability to repair - but sometimes just need a gentle nudge in the right direction. You can also work with goal setting - known as a Goal Balance -  those ideas we plan and try and achieve that often slip though our fingers.  During a session the goal is broken down into its component parts and then each part worked through to find the blockage that may be stopping you achieving it.  


Initially we discuss your case history and then will review the findings.  A treatment may be carried out on a treatment couch while you remain fully clothed.


A session generally takes approx. 2 hours and costs £95.00 - To find out more or to book phone 01206 738378 or Email  for more information or to arrange an appointment. Please note that I have a cancellation policy requiring 24 hours notice, otherwise there will be 50% charge for missed appointments. 


The five elements are used duirng a kinesiology session
These are just a few of the things my clients say.....Would you like to be one of them?
"I needed help to work towards goals I set, which seemed unobtainable, but a goal balance really focuses the mind and body, I am so pleased I took this step"
"I am sleeping so much better since my Body Clock has been reset"
"This is amazing that my body can hold so many clues to my life"
"Now I understand what is causing me these feelings"
"I could stay here all day, I feel so relaxed"
"Thank you for listening"
"It's so nice to have time for myself"
"Your advice and guidance has really helped"
"I have so much more energy"
"For the first time in years I feel emotionally and physically lighter,
like I am no longer carrying the world on my shoulders"
"I feel like I now have permission to look after myself, rather than just everybody else"
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