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GDPR Statement:


When you have a therapy or treatment session your personal details and health notes will be taken. These are often called your case notes.  These are totally confidential, anything written or spoken or kept as notes are never shared with anyone else unless specifically requested by you. (For instance if you are involved with a court case for compensation).


By law your records must be kept for at least 7 years following your last treatment.  In the case of treatment to minors, it is advisable that records should be kept for at least 7 years after they reach the age of majority (18).  


All case notes are kept in a locked fireproof cabinet.   However if I have not seen your for a couple of years or so, I will often ask you to complete your case history again.  This is because things change and I will need a clear up to date profile of your health and any concerns you have. 

If you contact me by email, I will respond to you as quickly as I can. 

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