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I have always been interested in holistic type treatments, as my family were into naturopathy and homeopathy when I was a child. As an adult I turned to complementary medicine when my son was born and he became allergic to foods, plants and products. Read my blog pages for various stories and information. 

Various treatments really helped me cope with his needs, find out what to do and what he could eat, drink, bath in etc. It made a huge difference to all our lives and I was so enchanted by these various modalities that I trained in several and now train others in a number of these. 

I run my Complementary Health Practice in Layer-de-la-Haye, Colchester, Essex and have 25 years experience working in holistic therapies, and have taught since 1996. I have also worked as an External Quality Assurer visiting colleges, training establishments, schools and adult education centres as part of this role and sit on three boards for complementary healthcare, where we work towards increasing the profile of holistic healthcare and improving standards. 

As well as running my own practice, I also organise exhibition stands, give talks and take part in special charity events. Part of my role is within teaching is as the Principal of the Progressive Kinesiology Academy and Head of Progressive Kinesiology here in the UK I have been a recognised International Professional Kinesiologist with the IKC since 2014. 

In my spare time I take part in craft fairs and charity events to raise money for local charities.  I have three beautiful grown up children and six gorgeous grandchildren.


To contact me: Email 

Member of the Kinesiology Federation
Member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists
Miranda Welton Kinesiologist and Principal of The Progressive Kinesiology Academy
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