• Miranda Welton

Hormone Glands! Otherwise known as the Chakra System

The glands of the human body

The Chakra is a Spiritual energy centre, which lies just within the energy field of the body, connecting into the physical body. They are shaped like a cone, which spins as a vortex of energy literally taking the Universal power into the body, where the hormone glands alter it to our vibration. The main chakra colours radiate into the auric field, colouring our energy field.

Chakras are likened to Lotus blossoms, as they can open and close and are a high spiritual flower. Our emotions, health, thoughts and lifestyle affect our Chakras. Our hormones relate to our main body functions from growth, reproduction, digestion, heat and light to our immunity against disease, to our get up and go. So our main body systems are directly affected by our Chakra system, which is why Healing can work where modern medicine can be less effective. Nadis are smaller energy centres that create a ‘web of light’ over and in the body, which are connected to every living cell of our body, and is directly linked to the nervous system.

The chakra colours

They form the ethereal nervous system which lies just outside of the physical body an​​d appear like tiny white lights connected by white luminous fibres which create the effect of a web around the body. It is this glow, which is seen around the physical body.

What you are seeing is the connection of physical with the Etheric. There are nadis over the liver and stomach areas and nadis in the palm of the hand and soles of the feet. These are what we feel ‘activate’ when sensing energy or carrying out healing.

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