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Positive Colour Meanings

Colours can say a great deal about ourselves. Clients often turn up wearing the colour their body most needs. It's like our inner knowing constantly tries to direct them along the path of wellness. So if you are drawn to a certain colour, and these can change depending on our mood, then here are a few of the colour meanings.

White - Transcendent, spiritual, internal thoughts and feelings, transformation, quiet, sensitive, higher dimensions, introspective. This is seen as the halo in religious paintings and indicates a connection to our higher self (or Higher Power). May indicate someone with very little energy.

Violet - Intuitive, artistic, idealistic, magical, sensual, theorist, futuristic, visionary, charismatic, possibilities, innovative, inventor wise, spiritual, dignified, impressive, dramatic, vitality, relaxation, determination, spirituality, psychic awareness, third eye, higher self, motivation, passion, excitement. The 7th Chakra is known as the Crown Chakra bringing to us our universal connection - all is one. A perfect balance of Red and Blue, instilling both strength and dignity, Violet is the colour of Spirituality. It is the colour of people seeking spiritual fulfillment. It helps us align ourselves with the Oneness of the Universe, knowing we are powerful and in control, yet keeping us ‘Right Size’.

Lavender - imagination, mystical, daydreamer, fantasy, artistic, soft, creative, fragile, sensitive, spacey, unrealistic, etheric.

Purple - if really dark this colour seems to attract people who are depressed. It then can make them feel worse. If you start feeling the need to buy or decorate your house or wear dark purple, then look at ways to lighten up your life. Go outside, draw back the curtains, go for a walk, look at the sky.

Indigo - Clarity, calm, deep inner feelings, love, seeker, introverted, inner knowing, authenticity, higher inner values, artistic. The colour of the third eye.

Blue - Caring, sensitive, loving, helpful, loyal, helper, compassion, peaceful, desire to be of service, devoted. A balance of Blue brings intuition, inspiration, sincerity, peace, joy, tranquility, faith in oneself and trust in others. Light blue relate to our creativity and communication with others.

Dark-blue represent our communication with ourselves, but can also indicate a tightness in the head area, which could lead to headaches or bad dreams.

Pink – Love, purity, kindness, energy, passion, power, courage, compassion, loyalty, faithfulness, protection, enthusiasm, romance, happiness, softness. Pink is the colour of universal love. Emotional love of self and others, friendship, affection, harmony, inner peace, and has both fire and air elements. Gentle, casual and approachable. Pink is soothing. It can be used for treating skin conditions and inflammations and the immune system. Pink is a soothing colour on all levels, physical mental and emotional levels. It can be used to soothe conditions of anger and feelings of neglect. Pink can be used to awaken compassion, love and purity and used in meditation to discern greater truths. It is comforting to the emotional energies of the individual. Physically, pink is most effective in the treatment of skin problems and conditions, especially when combined with aqua. It also stimulates the thymus gland and ease stresses upon the immune system of the body.

Green -Social, nature, content, harmony, teacher, desire to communicate and share with others, makes perfect host or hostess. Growth, fertility, harmony, healing, refreshing, peaceful, contentment, satisfaction, confidence, money, prosperity, hope, luck, beauty, balance, self respect, learning. The colour Green is the colour of balance. It also means learning, growth, renewal, and harmony. Green is the colour of nature. It brings peace into our lives. It is the colour of healing, hope, optimism, freedom, and balance.

Deep Green - Quick minded, goal orientated, wealth, material, communicative, luxury, leader, responsibility, organiser, social and is associated with emotional healing and protection.

Combat Green/Olive Green - people who can see auras say that this colour may reflect potential illness or disease. It's a dark colour, the total opposite of the beautiful healing greens. If you feel drawn to this colour try and lighten it, or chose to wear something totally opposite. Colours really do affect our moods. This colour can be quite draining.

Yellow - known as the Solar Plexus Chakra imbuing one with personal power and fulfillment. Playful, sunny, creative, fun, learning, light, movement, entertainer, optimism, warmth, charming, easy going, clarity, perception, understanding, cheerfulness, expansiveness, motivation, leadership, learning, communication, creativity, curiosity productivity, health, blessing, enlightenment, intellect, stimulating, busy, bright, richness, sacred, solar magic. The colour Yellow has stood for wisdom and intellect throughout the ages. It is full of creative and intellectual energy. A sun colour, it makes us feel happy and optimistic. Expansive and free to do and be all that we can be. Cheerful, Joyful, Curious, Yellow promotes optimism. Helps you feel expressive, friendly and experimental.

Yellow/Brown - analytical, intellectual, detail orientated, logical, structure, security, scientific, honest, perfectionist, astute. The ideal colour to have at work to get all those detailed jobs done.

Orange - Pleasure, enjoyment, challenge, positive, excitement, productive, physical and creative expression, adventure, good in business, Self assuredness, amiability, courage, success, creativity, relationships, reproductions, power, communication, happiness, motivation, optimism, well-being, strength, awareness, kindness, authority, concentration, Intellect, sun and fire elements. Business goals, property deals, legal matters, selling, action, stimulation, energy, vitality, endurance. Orange is the colour of joy and creativity and promotes a general sense of wellness. It provides emotional energy that you can give to others, including compassion, passion and genuine warmth. It is also the colour to heal grief, and supports the gastrointestinal tract (Sacral Chakra) where grief, guilt and regret affects us physically.

Red - Excitement, physical. Energetic, competitive, leader, winner, achiever, will-power, sexual, entrepreneur, promoter Energy - Passion - Vitality - Determination - Courage - Confidence - Action - Speed - Sex Drive. Assertive, daring, determined, energetic, energy, passion, action, devotion, power, courage, protection, enthusiasm, spontaneity, impulsiveness, heat, fire, blood, love, warmth, excitement and aggression. Red around the head area can lead to anger outbursts. Our head should be cool, and is better suited to the coolness of violet.

Deep Red - Physical, action, oriented, power, survival, realistic, active, vital, grounded, strength, stamina, explorer, hard worker. This colour can help with physical healing.

Grey – Transition – grey is the colour of elephants and dolphins which are very social creatures. However it can also indicate tiredness and lack of energy. If you like this colour you are in the middle of lots of changes.

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