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Your Inner Rainbow

To some of us the chakra system may just sound like some 'flower power hippy stuff' for tree huggers and other happy yoga people. Actually, we are all affected by the 'chakras' - whether we believe in them or not!

Colour is well known for affecting our moods, so the darker the colour, the less happy we can feel. Most of the time we will not even notice this as it gradually creeps up on us. We start wearing darker clothes, and then our mood lowers, and in the end we hide away, or feel angry or upset or depressed. Colours really can lift you up. Therefore, even if you are feeling moody and put on a brighter colour, over the course of the day it will start taking affect. Another way to give yourself a boost is to go outside and face the sun, don't stare at it, but close your eyes and let the suns rays beam down on you. This helps boost your pineal gland, and is a great way to feel a bit more upbeat and energised.

This is my colour rainbow:

  • Red = Vitality – red is a bright active colour, we need this for energy, to be able to go about our daily business and feel energised.

  • Orange = Assimilation – orange is the colour that helps us absorb our food and supports our digestive organs such as the intestines.

  • Yellow = Intellect – whether its to fill in the crossword puzzle, or file reports or sit an exam – the colour yellow is the one to support you. Try a yellow marble in the pocket to awaken the brain!

  • Green = Balance – Everyone one likes to be balanced, green is the main colour of plants for a reason, as its restful and harmonising. However, keep the green light and cheerful. Dark green can be depressing.

  • Blue = Confidence – Whatever job you are doing, or how old you are, we all need a bit more ability to speak out and be heard, or just feel more confident in what we wear, how we feel inside.

  • Indigo = Assertiveness – is about being decisive, making decisions, knowing what’s right and feels good, and not putting up with what brings us down.

  • Violet = Clarity – the art of clear thinking and decision-making, following through with ideas and plans.

So how can you bring colour into your life? Well, wearing a colour tie, or a scarf – silk holds ‘colour’ well, plus looking at colour, so for instance, having a piece of coloured glass hung up in a window. The colours in a church window are the perfect example of colour to energise.

You can also paint your own glass or buy something made. Alternatively, just wear brighter, fun colours – the shops are full of them. If you open your wardrobe and only dark clothes, look out at you – think about the effect on your moods and your families. Lighten up by brightening up.

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