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Improve your Confidence

The Hyoid Bone is a horseshoe shaped bone that is located above the larynx (the larynx sits on top of the trachea). This bone is unique from the other bones in our skeletal anatomy because it is not attached to any other bones.

The hyoid bone is suspended in muscle tissue. The Hyoid provides an anchor point for the muscles of the tongue as well as those in the upper part of the front of the neck. The shape and location of the Hyoid in our body is what gives humans the ability to speak. When human babies are born, the larynx is positioned very high.

This is what allows babies (up to about 3 months) the ability to breathe and eat at the same time without choking. The larynx then drops lower into the throat, which lowers the Hyoid, and continues during the childs early years.

Hyoid Bone in throat

To centre the hyoid bone: -

  • Smoothly run your fingers along your chin and jaw line to the jaw joint. (TMJ).

  • Then repeat along the collar bone.

This helps when we have speech wobbles, lose our voice under stress or when we need to speak out in front of others. It may also help stammering.

Also you can wear the colour turquoise as it is a great support colour for teaching and speaking and is also the colour of courage.

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