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Happy New Liver

Its springtime - our Livers have taken a bashing from all the celebrations from the Easter Festivities so it's now time to 'Love Your Liver'. Looking after your liver and gall bladder is really important. The liver works very hard to keep us healthy and to deal with the toxins we are exposed to or consume on a daily basis.

The perfect time to do a liver cleanse is during spring time, which means now is the perfect time. Cleansing your liver helps it to regenerate its energy for the coming year. Natures springtime in the UK generally starts as the daffodils start to bloom. It's not just about when the calendar date says it should be, but more when nature tells us when it is. Look for new green shoots. Green is the Five Element Colour for the Wood Element and the Liver and Gallbladder are part of the Wood Element Energy. It's not by chance that the colour of bile is green.

The liver is an amazing organ which if transplanted one liver can save possibly up to three people’s lives. The liver has many functions. Some of the functions are:

  • It convert glucose to glycogen so maintains a proper level of glucose in the blood.

  • It produces urea - the main substance of urine.

  • Make certain amino acids - essential for cellular repair.

  • Filters harmful substances from the blood such as alcohol, chemical, toxins, medication etc.

  • Stores vital vitamins and minerals - particularly vitamins A, D, K & B12.

  • Is responsible for producing good cholesterol known as HDL which transports hormones around your body.

  • Manufactures Bile which is then stored in the Gall Bladder and helps digest fats.

This is why it’s really helpful to give this important organ some extra support, and between March and the end of April is the perfect time to do that. Why is it important? The liver works to deal with chemical in the body, both good and bad. Our world is full of heavy metals - amalgam for instance contains silver, mercury, tin and copper. These are toxic to our bodies and may cause our body to create health problems including things like fatty liver disease, mercury is well known to be very toxic. Other metals are in tap water, food containers (foil, cooking pans, saucepans etc.) and freely available in the environment, so we are bombarded daily. Vaccines use heavy metals as carries which may also cause side effects. Even medicines often contain heavy metals. Other toxins that may harm the liver include fake perfumes, found in soap powders, softeners cheap perfume, shampoo, shower gel, plug in air fresheners, spray cleaners and many more household products.

To detox the liver you can use many kind of health supplements such as:

Natural Health Foods

The Liver Detox Kit By Renew Life — a complete pack already designed for you to use—available on Amazon.

You can also try Milk Thistle - available in tincture or pill form by Viridian or A.Vogal. Pukka Herbs herbal remedy Guduchi & Neem & other herbs such as Candara, Dandelion or Berberis are liver helpers. Fresh fruit and vegetable smoothies and juices will also help, but try and use organic ingredients if possible.

Nature's Answer have Livertone Complex and Liver Cleanse Complex and both are excellent liver supports (available on Amazon). Vitamin A drops by Biocare or Beta Carotene by Higher Nature or Natures Answer also help support nutritionally.

One simple way to help your liver all year round is to drink the juice of a fresh lemon before food each morning. Add the fresh juice to some cooling boiled water and sip. Your liver will love it! (However not everyone can consume lemon so be aware of your own dietary needs). It's also worth knowing that lemons and oranges perform differently in the body with regard pH balance. Not all citrus fruit is acidic.

Always follow the guidelines, plus check with your doctor if taking medicines. Some herbs cannot be taken with prescription medicine. For times when you over indulge its worth having the Homeopathic Remedy Nux Vom 30c handy. Add to Vitamin B complex and take with a large glass or better still a pint of water may help reduce the effects of a hangover or overindulgence.

There are several ways which you can give your liver an emotional spring clean, which is just as important as a chemical one:

  • Take part in noisy sports or activities is great for the liver—traditionally in Chinese medicine the liver is associated with shouting and anger.

  • Negative anger can ‘damage’ our liver but ‘shouting’ in a constructive way, not angrily, can benefit it.

  • Actively shouting while watching an exciting game of sport can be really beneficial. The helps bring calm to a storm.

  • The Remedies from Crystal Herbs of Agrimony and Cherry Plum also help, especially if we have had angry confrontations to deal with.

  • Talking to someone (not a friend or family member) about old anger issues which still trouble your thoughts will also help your liver!

  • Looking positively and changing attitudes to life - the half empty, half full glass syndrome. Positive attracts positive. Negative attracts negative. That's why we feel low when spending time with a negative person - who sees only gloom and doom.

  • Laughter helps the liver, and so does expressions of love.

  • Love your Liver.


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