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Life is like an onion

“Life is like an onion. You peel it off one layer at a time, and sometimes you weep”.

Carl Sandburg

Client: I would like to book in again (though I am rather concerned that I will feel as awful as last time), but I’m eating much more healthily, no snacks, juicing and eating only meals (fab!!).

Reply: Some people can feel a bit rough for up to 72 hours after a treatment session. Some do and some people don't. We are all so different. We did process a great deal in your session so it’s fair to say your body probably responded to that by having a bit of a detox. This can be physical, emotional, or energetic.

Peeling an Onion is like a treatment session

Following sessions are usually more fine tuned, as kinesiology does the most important work first, its unlike most other therapies which start off gently and work up to the important aspects. If you imagine an onion, we have just taken off the large outer layer, with all the emotions connected to that (and possibly tears). Now there is the thinner, finer layers left. A session gently peel them away, the aim is for us to eventually get to the centre. Its not something that everyone can do, or wants to do, or needs too, and it can be via many different means. You can also have worked on some of the finer layers prior to a kinesiology session, but there is sometimes that secret inner feeling that something is in the way, or holding us back or preventing us making continuous progress. One-step forward, two back, three forward, two back and so on. It may not even be tangible.

Kinesiology just deals with the issue, although it’s your own body taking the lead. So you only do what you can manage to cope with and what your own self wants to let go of.

The depth of what we retain does sometimes take people by surprise, but as kinesiology is the language of the body, it’s what you individually felt drawn too release. The most common saying people say is ‘Better Out than In’. It’s like a load being removed from your shoulders, a lightening of the load, a sense of inner freedom.

Imagine having to wear the same heavy winter coat, all year, no matter what the weather is like. Day in, day out, even at night. Our life experiences can drag us down, just like that heavy coat. They start to feel heavier and heavier, weighing us down, messing up our digestion, our hormones, our thoughts. Eventually you just need to discard them. Kinesiology is a very valuable way to do just that.

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