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Create your own Vision Board

A Vision Board is something you can create to focus on your dreams and desires. Its a way of putting all your future plans and aspirations into one place. The reason this can be so powerful is because it allows you to express your dreams, actively create a board and then be able to see it and allow synchronicity and the 'power of the Universe' to have a focal point of what it is you wish to create or achieve.

You can create a board from a clip frame such as an A4 size one or go bigger with an A3, A2 size if you want - as long as you have wall space to accommodate it. A Vision Board tends to be a Five Year plan.

So you may be wanting to retrain, or get married or start a family or change jobs, attract a partner or a new home, a better car, a much desired holiday or have better health, an exercise regimen, more money, new business premises....... you name it, you can add it. I have included a 'final' Vision Board example and two videos so you can see the thought processed behind the pictures.

The difference between a Vision Board and a plan of action or to do list, is it tends to be created with pictures. A young woman called Amelia put together her Vision Board. In 2016 she wanted a change in direction and decided that she really wanted to train as an Art Therapist. She also wanted to learn to drive, get somewhere to live and move out of home, so needed to learn basics like cooking, and take her driving test. She also had dreams to travel and wanted to learn more about where her family came from in Scotland and also to visit relatives in Australia. She also added on finding her soul mate as knew she wanted to have a family in the future.

Five years later on when Amelia revisited her Vision Board, she had achieved all of her dreams and a few more. So she then created her Vison Board for her next Five Year plan. This time life was changing and she wanted to get married, start her family and set up her own therapy practice. By this time she has met Alfie who is mad on Canal Boats, and she discovered that she also shares some of his interests and vice versa. Here is her Vision Board for 2021 to 2027.

We will have to wait and see how she gets on. In the meantime, create you own board. Use a picture frame, add on pictures and hang it up so you can see it often. Don't forget the small details, not just the big ones. The pay rise, the weekend away, seeing your favourite shows - add them all in. Then let your sub conscious do the rest. Happy Visioning!


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