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Microwave - Friend or Foe

“The chemical bisphenol A, or BPA, which is found in polycarbonate, may be harmful to foetuses, infants and children, yet it is found in plastic water bottles, training cups, disposable cutlery, the linings of most canned food, and some food storage containers. The plastics to avoid are those with the recycling symbol “7” at the bottom. Also, do not microwave food in polycarbonate plastic containers, as BPA may be released when the plastic is heated”.

Microwaved meals appear to change our blood chemistry. One thought is that arthritis could be due to the blood platelets being altered, which may then aggravate this painful condition.

• Increases cholesterol levels

• Causes or aggravates anaemic conditions

• Decreases white blood cells

• Increases leukocytes

• Reduces antibodies

• Increases bacteria

The various waves

Another study of microwave problems reported in the journal ‘The Lancet’ showed that when infant formula was microwaved for ten minutes, it altered the structure of its component amino acids, possibly resulting in functional, structural and immunological abnormalities. The research, from Paediatrics (vol. 89, no. 4, April 1992) on microwaving human breast milk found that when milk was heated to 72 degrees it lost a full 96% of all immunoglobulin-A antibodies, which fight invading microbes. Of course no one in their right mind would microwave their babies milk for 10 minutes, but a baby has a very delicate immune system so any use could be detrimental. How often do we hear about people reheating a cup of tea or coffee in the microwave rather than switching on the kettle and making a fresh one.

Also heating up foods in plastic, which contains many toxins, further stresses your body. When I have tested clients children, inflammation conditions such as skin conditions, rashes, bowel problems and low resistance to viruses have all tested as due to the child being affected by microwaves. As a kinesiologist I'm not starting out by looking for microwave issues, it shows via test kits where their may be 200 items to test. As soon as they were reduced exposure to and fed normal (old fashioned prepared) foods their bodies started to heal.

Microwave leakage happens as door seals age, making the microwave frequency even harmful to humans and animals. Also its best not to microwave your pets food. The frequency inside your microwave oven is 2.45 BILLION hertz versus the frequency of 10 hertz or below, so anything over that is when harm happens in the body.. This equates to 2.45 billion vs. 10 hertz. You will not feel any damage until later in life, when it’s done the damage, so don’t stand in front of or too close to a microwave when in operation.

Some of the known harmful effects of microwaves:

  • The waves weakens the immune system which limits the resistance to bacterial and viral infections

  • Cataracts – the eyes are especially vulnerable to microwaves as they lack the blood vessels to disperse the heat and cellular stress.

  • Birth defects – avoid eating microwaved food when pregnant

  • Is thought to increase the risk of cancer and other serious illnesses

The dangers of microwaved foods:

Microwaves break chemical and molecular bonds, and can literally tear atoms apart, which disrupts the biochemical structures of our bodies. Despite Government assurance that they pose no risk, the health conditions that occur from regular eating of microwaved food gives us the clue that they may be harmful to consume. In addition, again despite many conflicting options, microwaved foods lose nutrition. Some vitamins are destroyed by heat, and a study by a Swiss scientist named Hans Hertel was the first to study the dangers of microwaves and how cooking damages and depletes nutrients in food — an effect that showed up in studying the test groups' blood. Microwaving also makes food unhealthy by forming harmful compounds.

When the microwave radiation destroys and deforms food molecules, it causes new harmful compounds to form (radiolytic compounds). These dangerous compounds harm the body in many ways.

“Radiolytic compounds such as 2-alkylcyclobutanones are exclusively generated in irradiated foods5-7. 2-Alkylcyclobutanones formed from the chain fatty acid moiety of triglycerides present in foods might promote undesired health effects, including cancer”.

Using microwave ovens can destroy the molecular structure and nutrients of the food. Too much use of microwave to either bake or heat foods can kill the nutrients of the food.

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