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Listen to Your Body

What is your body trying to tell you with pain and other uncomfortable issues? The body does not have a voice, other than letting us know all is not well by giving us feelings of pain or discomfort. This is often because we are doing something that is causing us to experience this or holding in some emotional feelings such as anger or distress. It could even be as simple as drinking too much coffee, so we could get a headache, feel moody and have heartburn, because we are actually dehydrated. When we have a feeling of peace and inner calm, it may be when all is right in our world, or from just playing with our children or going for a walk in the fresh air. We can experience this for ourselves by thinking happy thoughts, and seeing where we feel this in our body, then thinking about something that has really annoyed us, then about something that has upset us. Each may be experienced somewhere different in your body. This is your inner body language.

Find your balance and direction - what is your body telling you?

When we have pains and discomfort in our body, it can be our body is reflecting back to us, what is going on for us in our world. In other words, say you have been arguing with your partner and you keep getting various aches. It literally could be your body expressing physically, what is going on in your inner world – your senses, your feelings, and your emotions. You may not be saying it aloud, but your body is shouting out that there is an issue. Its then you can start to listen to your body and taking control of your own feelings, own needs and own life. The right side of our body reflects our logic, masculine self, our left side our creative, feminine self. It does not matter what sex you are, we each have logic and creative within us. This is because of the two hemispheres of the brain. Right brain is feminine and works the left side of the body, the left brain is logic and works the rights side of our body.

A broken bone can literally be telling us that at some core level of our being, all is not right with our world. Our very structure, our foundation, our family or events around us are affecting us and a broken bone can express this inner worry. It could be that parents are fighting and the child breaks a bone to try and get them to work together so they can be united.

A broken bone is a way of expressing what is going on in our heads and hearts, something is not right. Its important to look at what our body is trying to tell us.

If you have unresolved niggles, pain, stresses or unreleased emotional hurts - it may be time to take a look at what your body is trying to get you to listen too. A treatment can help uncover the silent voice and signpost you to a new you.

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