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The Russians first devised the Scenar System as a pain relief instrument for the Space Programme in the 1970's, and finally it reached British shores in 1998.


It is a small hand help instrument, which emits a special signal to the nervous system of the body via direct contact with the skin. It feels like pins and needles, and has been found to be helpful in many areas of discomfort, pain and other health problems.


SCENAR stands for ‘Self-controlled Energo Adaptive Regulator’ and in the UK, it is licenced for Pain Relief.  It is a very holistic treatment and works directly with the source of pain, which means some clients have been able to reduce their use of painkillers over time.  The results have been astounding and I personally have found this an incredible tool for helping with my own areas of pain and discomfort from an old whiplash injury.


Some of the comments I have heard from people who have experienced Scenar, including myself are ‘That’s the best night’s sleep I’ve had for years’,  ‘My pain levels have reduced significantly’, ‘Initially the pain got worse and the suddenly it just went away’.  One client, who broke his neck 30 years ago, after just four sessions, was amazed when he started getting feeling back in his fingers and toes after years of numbness. 


Experiencing it for yourself is the best way to discover its effects. It works very effectively on areas of pain and much more.  


Cost: A session costs £60.   Please note that I have a cancellation policy requiring 24 hours notice, otherwise there will be 50% charge for missed appointments. 

What to do before a treatment:

  • Try to avoid bathing for at least two hours before a session

  • Avoid using scent or aftershave

  • Drink plenty of water to help the treatment

  • Avoid alcohol 24 hours before and after if possible

What to do after a treatment:

Try not to bathe for at least two hours after a session

You may experience a healing response such as better elimination (eg toilet), a pseudo type cold symptoms, itchy skin, sneezing, initially more pain, or a reduction in pain, you may even have a headache. 

The important thing is not to panic and to let your body equalise after a session. 

Scenar is very holistic and works with the whole nervous system and the acupuncture meridians, so often changes can be felt immediately.

How many treatments will I need?  

If you have a chronic long lasting problem then between three or four sessions spread out – usually weekly and will help support your body while it heals.


If you have an acute sudden or severe condition then about three sessions quite close together will give supportive help to your body while it deals with the issue.  


The Scenar cannot be used with anyone fitted with a pacemaker or suffering from epilepsy or who has another type of implant in the brain, or has had an organ transplant or the first trimester of pregnancy. (There are treatments that are more suitable available).

The Scenar Handset was designed for the space programme
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