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Below is more information about the tokens and colour nuggets.   They make lovely little gifts and are certainly different. Each token comes with its own informationand in its own organza gift bag.  Each is approx 1.7 cm x 1.7 cm in size.


The Colour Nuggets come in a Polyfile with information about the chakra system. This limited edition comes with a free extra nugget (while stocks last).


This token is about the energy of Love and is to encourage you to communicate with your loved ones. Communication, or lack of it, can be the cause of many problems in relationships.  This little token is to encourage you to talk to those you love; kindly, creativity and with empathy. If you feel you sometimes find ‘life hard to swallow,’ it could be that your throat chakra is out of balance.  This is also the blue energy of the chakra system.  When a person is feeling a little low, maybe drawn to wearing a lot of black, then his or her own body language is trying to say that this communication centre is out of kilter. Their communication channels seem to be ‘having a bad day’.

Assisting this area could help people who may become overwhelmed by too many negative thoughts or excessive information. It also helps a person to be able to put their feelings into words or find the right words to convey their inspirational ideas. The token of Love is about waking you up to expressing yourself more kindly to others and yourself. Be kind.  Words can be very damaging and are remembered for years after being spoken or heard.  Remember if it is not kind, then try not to say it.  If you need to tell someone something, then find a nice way to express that.  Do you know their story, rather than just focussing on your own?  Love and Hate are both four-letter words, but are on the opposites of each other. We can love someone, but hate his or her behaviour.  We can hate one type of artwork, but love another. Another issue with today, is the fact that many people are happier to communicate in the virtual world rather than real one. Read about the Balance Token for excessive TV/computer use. This can cause frustration, for those who feel they are being ignored in favour of a phone.  It also means that people may be shy when talking to ‘real’ people, or be unable to look someone in the eyes when speaking, or seem unfocused and uninterested in real life. 

Other factors of communication can be that we are too cautious, hold back from saying what we want to.  We think it but don’t say.  “I wish he knew what I want for my birthday, he never gets me anything I like”. “I wish she would stop having a go at me for getting home late, I am doing overtime so we can afford this house”, and so on.   Being nervous can also affect how we communicate and love, and having clarity with our higher mind and thoughts allow us to connect to our deeper thoughts and visions for our life.  It’s that nudge to do what we have always dreamed of doing.  The inner drive to follow our dreams.  Love is literally many things. 



This token is about reminding you to be aware of the time spent on computers and Wi-Fi, televisions, laptops, mobile phones, tablets etc.  This energy is known as electromagnetic smog and can cause us all manner of health problems over time. Sleep issues, sensitivities to foods or products such as soap powder, perfume. One way to help yourself is to turn your appliances off fully at night, unless it is a sleep monitor or freezer. This is indicated for people who are sensitive to their environment and need to be aware of what they eat, drink, put on their skin, or use as cleaning products.  Electricity is unnatural to our body and leave us feeling negative, have destructive feeling, and feel generally ungrounded. This Token of Balance is to remind you to go out for a walk in the countryside, take time to breath in the air, stand in the rain and feel the drops energise and refresh you, walk by the sea, spend time in the woods, reconnect to nature.  This all helps to ground you to the positive energy of earth.

Some people are very sensitive and may be known as ‘light beings’.  This means they find it hard to cope with the electromagnetic smog, and may find they react to what they eat, drink and surround ourselves with, they become more and more sensitive to these vibrations. They need organic foods, nutrition, eco products. Our body is made up of over 70% water and the brain is over 80%, so it is important to drink plenty of water to support ourselves with today’s modern world. This token will help remind you to drink more water, to consider a water filter, and to become more in tune to your own vibrational needs. The earth vibrates at a frequency, as do we.

Consider reviewing your:

Cleaning products (in house/outside), Haircare, Skincare, Toothpaste, look at toxins in house from new carpets etc., toxins at work (including people that dislike you or wish you harm), drinking water, Computer use (all) and Wi-Fi, phone use, Adrenal Stress levels - the desire to over work, burn ourselves out, drink caffeine to stay awake or things like Red Bull.  Remember to walk in the countryside, enjoy suitable exercise, and enjoy healthy sleep.  Sleep issues can be having a clock radio plugged in near your head, or the TV on in the bedroom or your phone on near you.  Get into the habit of turning things off. Use the Token as a reminder to balance your life, so you can enjoy it. Being unbalanced leads to every part of our life being affected, and in turn our families could suffer too.  Balance is like a natural balm.



Does your body consistently react to stress, or do you feel that your symptoms are “all in your mind”, and have an emotional course?  These are known as ‘psychosomatic’ conditions.  Louise Hay writes about conditions that stem from our emotional and sometimes traumatised self.  Emotional based issues can feel very real, very physical.   You may suffer with hip and low back tension, a tight neck and headaches, or find you are moody, unpredictable, easily upset, impatient and angry and unable to release this emotional tension.  Harmony is about bringing ourselves back into a balance. Being in harmony is like hearing a well-rehearsed orchestra or choir; it is a joy to listen to as you feel the sound vibrate through your body. To have harmonious emotions helps ease frustration and resentment, promotes patience and the calm clear speaking of our truth.  Feeling more harmonious helps restores equilibrium, eases emotional problems; and makes us aim towards having a sunny disposition rather than feeling like dark clouds are descending.  Our nervous system also benefits, as often you will hear a person say, “You are getting on my nerves”.  We all benefit from calm nerves!


When we are in harmony with ourselves and others, it allows us to feel more creatively active.  We may feel that our vital life-energy is vibrant and helps us be more aware when we are running ourselves into the ground, which could end up with us feeling ‘burnt-out’ or unable to stop working.  Stressed people may use alcohol, drugs, chocolate, sugar, diet fizzy drinks, caffeine, or nicotine to push themselves, make themselves work harder, play harder or be resistant to helping themselves or being kind to themselves.  Being more in harmony with oneself helps us to become more sensitive to our own needs.  You may even be receptive to the message in dreams and find meditation practices help you.  Finding your inner quietness helps in many ways.  You may currently feel unable to meditate or pray, or actually irritated by people who do, as you want to rush everywhere.  These tokens are to remind you and your body to slow down, take time for yourself and bring harmony into your life. Place in your handbag, or put near your work desk, a room in your home, wherever you feel drawn too.  Best to leave in the token in the bag it come in, as being glass these could chip.  Handle with care and respect. Colour may vary from that shown.

Colour Chakra Nuggets - Limited Edition (Extra Nugget)


This set of glass nuggets contains all the colour required to support the chakra system.  The chakra system is the energy version of our hormone system. Each nugget is impregnated with pure colour and when laid onto a person may rebalance the relevant chakra.   These kits are useful for students undergoing training, or for any healing work, for anyone wanting to have access to an affordable colour kit. The nugget set was originally designed by me to help healers have affordable access to colour when working with others. Each set comes with 10 different coloured nuggets, each for the various chakra points.  You test either with kinesiology, dowsing or use your intuition and then place the relevant colour over the appropriate energy centre.  Our endocrine glands are responsible for releasing hormones into the blood stream and these give us a much needed boost or surge of energy. These are our feel good factor, or the ability to resist disease or react to an allergen or emergency. Cholesterol (HDL) transports hormones, so we need good cholesterol.  By supporting the energy hormone system (chakras) we can maybe able to boost ourselves,  lift our morale generally feel better within.  A chakra is thought to be possibly restricted by stuck emotions and reaction to stress or upset, accidents, grief, anger and so on.  Leave the colour nugget on your body for a few minutes and then you can remove it.  The colour will not be affected unless you actually were to microwave the set, which  we would not advise you to do.  For daily support you could use a colour by placing it in your pocket, or in your bra.  For instance the colour yellow is considered helpful for stress issues, or for use when taking exams.  


To replace any nugget, the cost is £2.50, which includes p/p.  Just email with your address to and state the colour required.  Payment is required before we can send this out. 



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