An online session is very similar to a normal treatment session, apart from we are facing each other through a computer. So if you can't see me in person then this may be the answer.


I have been running distance session since the 1990's, and with Zoom or Skype its even more personal as we can talk in real time.


By having an Online session or a distance session, as its been known, means that you can still have a treatment session, be helped, be given helpful supportive advice, make changes, make plans - just as if you were here in my treatment room.  Its totally confidential and saves you travelling or making a long distance journey. 


We can cover similar issues as a normal session, but you could be anywhere in the world and still benefit.  You complete a Consultation Form as normal and we carry out a one hour session. 


Session cost £75 


The benefits are:

  • Saves time

  • Costs less

  • Reduces the carbon footprint

  • Works the same as a normal treatment session

  • You will be given advice and guided to relevant supports

A session can help you find your direction.

APPOINTMENTS are booked by prior arrangement.  Please Email to enquire.

Confidentiality - your session is private and your information is not shared with a third person unless requested by yourself. 

Based in Layer de la Haye, Colchester, Essex.  

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