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"I can feel the heat from your hands, its wonderful....", "I feel so light, its like I've been asleep for days and its just been an hour"...............

A Healing Session is gentle and therapeutic. It helps de-stress and relax you. You can either lay fully clothed on a treatment couch or sit in a chair. Hands are either placed onto you or away from you while you gently drift of into a relaxed state, allowing your body to benefit from necessary time out. I work on your chakra and energy (auric) system. 


A session takes one hour and works head to toe to bring peace and tranquility. A session costs £45.00 - To book Email 


Healing or ‘universal life energy’, is an ancient form of treatment that works on the principle that energy, also known as ‘ki’ or ‘chi’, flows through the body via energy centres called ‘chakras’. A balanced flow of energy is said to provide a sense of well-being and spiritual renewal.


The universal healing energy is transferred to the client through visualisation and by gently placing hands on or just above the body and is a non-invasive therapy. Energy flow from the hands to rebalance each of your energy centres. You will remain fully clothed, lying on a massage couch or sitting in a chair. Your whole body may be treated or just specific parts, depending on where imbalances are thought to lie. 


Due to the very gentle nature of this treatment, it is often used to support those receiving conventional medical care in hospitals, hospices or at home.


Please email for further details  Please note that I have a cancellation policy requiring 24 hours notice, otherwise there will be 50% charge for missed appointments. 

Healing works on the chakra system
Healing Tree
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