Module One


We begin with the history of Kinesiology, its aims and concepts, which created this profound therapy. We learn the muscle testing rules and understand the importance of pre-checks, which ensure accuracy of testing, plus learn to use correction points for each muscle and meridian, which incorporates the practical skills of the Neuro-Lymphatic system and Neuro-Vascular points, spinal reflexes. Also covered are reasons why muscles do not always test 'positively', plus the first learning support exercise of cross crawl and the profound healing of the Emotional Stress Release (ESR) technique. Learning supports include using eye and ear tests and helping with writing and reading. At the end of module one you will have several useful techniques to use immediately. Homework on Module One is to undertake 5 Case Studies on what you have covered and complete some written questions or worksheets.


Module Two


On this second session you will cover more aspects of the importance of muscles and their functions. You will learn the testing procedures for the muscle tests of the fourteen main meridians including the spindle cells and Golgi tendons, origin and insertion of each muscle plus learn a complete 'balance' ensuring correct positioning and testing. We introduce the power of goal balancing, the difference using a specific goal compared to a general balance, plus circuit locating to quicken the correction process. Testing supportive nutrition is included in this module. Homework on Module Two is to complete 5 Case Studies on what you have covered and some written questions or worksheets to complete.


Module Three


Introduction of the five elements begin with the basic concepts of the law of the elements and the Shen and Ko cycles, plus the meridian system which flows around the body. We work with the yin and yang aspects of the law of five elements and introduce the power of the Acupuncture Holding Points (AHP). We also become aware of the relevance of pain in the body and excess energy build up, which, on learning the Alarm Points of the body, can be adjusted to allow free passage of energy to the whole (holistic) aspects of us, thus assisting the body to deal with this build up and reduce pain levels. Having already become familiar with the fix-as-you-go-balance, you now work in a different way called the one-point-balance, or one-fix-balance. Homework on Module Three is to undertake 5 Case Studies on what you have covered and complete some written questions or worksheets.


Module Four


To complete this course of study you will work with more of the five elements which help us identify more quickly where the imbalance lies within the treatment and find the support required to enhance your treatments. This helps you while treating an individual and learn further ways to detect areas requiring assistance. Also covered is learning to protect yourself while you work testing the chakra system and healing with colour. The eight energies complete this level of study and incorporate a deeper healing system to support the very practical approach of muscle testing. To complete this module we begin simple food testing. Homework on Module Four is to undertake 5 Case Studies on what you have covered and complete some written questions or worksheets.


Foundation Assessment


The assessment procedure comprises a written paper or questions or a workpack of the subject covered during the course. A practical treatment is carried out by the student on a person they have not worked with before where they take case notes and give the person a kinesiology balance.


The course is also marked on the written homework and case studies (20 in total). The passmark is 70% or above. Marks that fall below this will require a re-sit. The first re-sit is free and any further re-sits will be charged at £50 each.


Other information:


All work must be completed and course fees paid before a certificate will be issued. Dress Code: Dark trousers and white top. All students are required to sign a Student Training Contract prior to starting their studies.  The Foundation Course is up to 60 hours of training with Assessment. This certificate entitles you to entry onto our Practitioner Course and is recognised by The Kinesiology Federation.


The majority of the training comes directly from the original source and is based on the wisdom laid down by Dr. John Thie in his vision for bringing good health to the whole world, which he called Touch for Health (TFH). TFH comes from Applied Kinesiology as developed by Dr. George Goodheart and we honour Dr. John Thie's dedication for bringing this wonderful healing tool to our everyday lives and for giving us the opportunity to share this with others. Our Foundation Course is based on the original Touch for Health Training, plus incorporates the taking of case notes, home study and assessment to ensure professionalism to our very high standards.

Testing the supraspinatus muscle

Foundation Progressive Kinesiology Course


The Progressive Kinesiology Foundation Course is studied in modules, starting with the essential 'hands on' at the beginning, to the final module where you will be able to perform a Kinesiology balance on another person and use practical, holistic methods of muscle testing.  It is open to people over the age of 18 and there are no educational entry requirements needed to attend. 


Progressive Kinesiology Foundation Course – 9 days including assessment - next dates for 2016 are to be set.


TIME: 10.00am – 5.00pm


Tutor: Andrea Ward - Cert. Ed., IQA, KFRP 


Cost: £1,195.00 

Payment options: deposit £195 and £200 per month for 5 months

Course includes manual and all materials.






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