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Are you tired right down to the soles of your feet, are you exhausted, are you on your feet all day or are they unloved, cracked heels, tough, rough skin, or do you just love some pampering. Treat yourself to a really relaxing treatment comprising:

  • Foot 'Bath' on Salt Lamp while holding salt crystals

  • Foot Mask to moisturise and massage

  • Chakra points and Energy Field Balancing on Feet

  • Foot Spritz to refresh

Treat your Feet for a totally relaxing session and recharge those batteries - cost £45 per session for one hour. 

We start with a foot soak to destress those overworked feet, to cleanse, relax and recharge the feet, and to deep cleanse and soften them, after which you will enjoy a 'mask' on the feet of beautiful products to unwind and gently relax deeper, following with a short massage, while your chakra points and energy field (via the feet) will be balanced.  Finally your feet are spritzed to refresh them and enhance them Soul to Sole. Any products used are all specially sourced from fine ingredients and quality.  


Feet Treat to re-energize
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